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SavorySites: 3 Course Web Design Feast

As a UI & UX designer, I crafted an elegant restaurant website that embodies the establishment's essence by focusing on a visually stunning interface, seamless navigation, and engaging content. The design carefully considers the target audience, the restaurant's core values, and accessibility features. The result is an immersive digital experience that effectively showcases the restaurant's upscale atmosphere and exceptional dining offerings.

Project Info

Gorkha, MomoDosa & Thaliwala
UI/UX Designer and Developer



Elevate the restaurant's online presence and effectively convey its distinct dining experience.


Craft a sophisticated and refined website design that accurately represents the restaurant's essence, with seamless functionality and stunning visuals that entice visitors to embark on a memorable culinary journey. This is achieved by utilizing carefully selected design elements, such as color schemes, typography, and high-quality imagery, which complement the restaurant's upscale atmosphere and effectively communicate its unique dining experience.


Research and Discovery
In the initial phase, extensive research is conducted to understand the restaurant's core values, target audience, and competitors. This insight lays the foundation for developing a tailored design strategy that meets the project's objectives and resonates with potential customers.
Planning and Wireframing
Armed with valuable insights, we create wireframes to establish the website's structure, layout, and user flow. This stage ensures that essential elements are logically organized and easily accessible, laying the groundwork for an intuitive and seamless user experience.
Visual Design and Aesthetics
Next, we develop a visually stunning design that captures the essence of the restaurant, using carefully selected colors, typography, and imagery. This design not only reflects the establishment's unique atmosphere but also entices visitors to explore the website further.
Content Development
In this stage, we create compelling and informative copy that effectively conveys the restaurant's offerings and story. This content is strategically placed throughout the website to engage users and encourage them to discover the unique dining experience awaiting them.
Development and Implementation
With design and content in place, we proceed to develop the website using responsive and accessible design principles. This ensures that the website functions smoothly on various devices and is easily navigable for users with differing abilities.
Testing and Launch
Finally, we rigorously test the website to identify and resolve any performance or compatibility issues. After thorough testing and refinements, the website is launched, providing the restaurant with an elegant online presence that showcases its exceptional dining experience.
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