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Brewing a Digital Presence

In 2023, I had the unique opportunity to work with Cafe Palmira, a brand that prides itself on its exquisite coffee and rich heritage. My task was to create an e-commerce platform that not only facilitates the purchase of their premium coffee but also narrates the captivating story of their coffee and farm.

Project Info

Cafe Palmira
UI/UX & Development



To design an e-commerce website that serves as a digital storyteller, eloquently conveying the journey of Cafe Palmira's coffee from their lush farms to the customers' cups.


The solution was a responsive, intuitively navigable e-commerce site that artfully balances the functional aspects of online shopping with immersive storytelling about Cafe Palmira's coffee and the farm where it originates.


Setting the Goal

The objective was to design a site that goes beyond functionality, encapsulating the essence of Cafe Palmira's brand story. This included detailing the journey of their coffee, from the farms to the final product.

Planning the Structure:

The structure was meticulously planned to integrate storytelling elements within the e-commerce framework, ensuring that each product page not only showcases the coffee but also tells a story about its origin and uniqueness.

Designing the Website:

During the design phase, I focused on creating a visual narrative that complements the product offerings. This involved using imagery and content that reflects the authenticity of Cafe Palmira's farm and the quality of their coffee.

Developing the Website:

The development phase was about bringing the story to life through interactive elements and ensuring seamless integration of e-commerce functionalities. I emphasized on making the narrative as engaging as the shopping experience.

Testing and Polishing:

Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure that the storytelling elements were well integrated and enhanced the overall user experience, without compromising on the e-commerce functionality.

Launching and Caring for the Website:

Post-launch, my role involved continuously refining the storytelling aspects based on customer feedback, ensuring that the narrative remains engaging and relevant.

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