UI/UX Designer, turning ones & zeros into the 'Baby Yoda' of interfaces – universally loved and irresistibly adorable!

Portrait of Saurav kattel wearing the greatest Soccer team of all time, Manchester United.

Well hello there, My name is Saurav Kattel
& I am an Experience Designer.

Group 5

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Who knew that my first DSLR camera would be the key to the colorful universe of digital experiences? What began as a hobby quickly blossomed into a passion for digital interactions, steering me towards a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, where I specialized in crafting engaging digital experiences.

Fast forward, and I now have four plus years of professional experience under my belt, creating seamless user experiences. Currently, I'm waving my UX wand at Resideo (Honeywell), where I've been transforming our web and product interfaces from merely functional to delightfully engaging.

If you're grappling with a design challenge or considering giving your website a much-needed makeover, let's connect! I've got a knack for turning 'just okay' into 'absolutely amazing'!

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