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From Idea to Reality: Clamor's Site with Pizzazz

CLAMOR is a strategic marketing and experiential agency based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In early 2020, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the people at Clamorexp to reimagine their existing website and build it from the ground up. The complete roadmap from the initial content model to the full live site is showcased below.

Project Info

UI/UX & Development




Design a scalable, user-friendly website that highlights Clamor's work and shares the story behind their success.


Develop a clean, responsive website with a visually appealing portfolio section and an informative "About" page, allowing for effortless expansion as new projects are added and effectively communicating the driving forces behind Clamor's outstanding work.


Setting the goals:
First, I determined the website's mission: to showcase Clamor's amazing work and share the secret sauce of their success. Plus, the site had to be clean, snappy, and ready to grow like a well-watered houseplant.
Planning the structure:
I kicked off by whipping up a site map, arranging the website's pages and content like a puzzle-solving champ. To add some pizzazz to the planning, I employed snazzy colored boxes for the content model, helping me visualize the layout and spotlight the juiciest info. With a crystal-clear vision and goals as our guiding stars, I pieced together wireframes to map out the look and feel of each page, setting the stage for a website experience as delightful as a surprise puppy party.
Designing the website:
Guided by the wireframes, I created a sleek and eye-catching website featuring a dazzling portfolio section for Clamor's masterpieces and an "About" page that spilled the beans on their recipe for success. I made sure it looked fantastic on all devices, just like a chameleon adapting to any environment.
Developing the website:
Armed with the design, I dove into coding with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I employed a trusty CMS to keep the content in check and allow for seamless expansion, like an accordion playing a beautiful melody. I also added SEO magic and a contact form, so users could send Clamor virtual high-fives.
Testing and polishing the website:
Once the site was built, I tested it like a master chef tasting their dish. I tweaked and adjusted based on user feedback and data, ensuring it was the smoothest ride in the digital world.
Launching and caring for the website:
At last, I set the website free by deploying it to a server and connecting it to a domain name. I'm still the website's guardian angel, updating content, fixing bugs, and making enhancements based on user feedback and analytics data.
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