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Dimensional Flavor Journey: Rick & Morty"

From Multiverse to Main Course: A Spicy Odyssey of Design Love and Lifelong Lessons. This project might be a departure from my usual UX/UI realm, but it's on this platform for one singular, compelling reason – passion, served with a side of interdimensional humor. Embracing the unconventional, the journey of creating the Rick & Morty Hot Sauce Design Project became a labor of love - one where the initial sizzle may have cooled, but the affection only grew stronger. So, here’s to the complexities of design, the unexpected turns of creativity, and the unanticipated love for projects that start as a mild tickle and end up setting your world on fire!

Project Info

Personal Project
Product Design



Create an engaging and distinctive packaging design for a bottled product.


Drawing inspiration from the expressive, colorful characters of Rick and Morty, a brand and packaging were crafted around three different hot sauces: Don't be Trippin, Get Schwifty, and Oh Weeeee! Each sauce carries a unique style and color, portraying the character it represents. While not actually hitting stores, this project is a testament to the creative fusion of pop culture and culinary delight.


Project Overview:
Introduction to the project, its objectives, and your chosen concept.
Concept Development:
A zesty surprise! Who knew the crazy world of Rick and Morty would be the perfect blend for hot sauce? A match made in multiverse mayhem, indeed!
Brand and Packaging Creation:
From the multiverse to the marketplace, creating a brand that's hotter than a plasma gun and as cool as a portal gun. Each sauce, through its name and design, mirrors the unique quirks of its respective Rick and Morty character - a zesty translation of persona into packaging.
Conclusion & Reflection:
Lessons learned from the spice side - a look back at the journey, the triumphs, the burnouts, and the sauce that almost hit the supermarket shelves. Almost.
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