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Hefty Eco-Friendly Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Hefty™ introduced a new program called EnergyBag® that provides a way to collect otherwise hard-to-recycle plastics at your curb and turn them into valuable resources.
We started this project with the primary goal of teaching everyday users about various aspects of the EnergyBag® program, whether it's educating them about hard-to-recycle plastics, the EnergyBag® itself, or what they can do to help Hefty™ advance this program.

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Meghan O'Brien
Bridget Jewell
Christopher J
Maggie O'Brien


The task is to teach everyday users about various aspects of the EnergyBag® program and educate them on hard-to-recycle plastics, the EnergyBag® itself, and how they can help Hefty™ advance the program.


The solution is to develop a website that provides information about the EnergyBag® program and its benefits. The website could include sections on hard-to-recycle plastics, the EnergyBag® itself, and ways users can help Hefty™ advance the program. Interactive modules and iconography can be used to make the information more accessible and easy to understand. The website could also feature a FAQ section that answers common questions about the program. To promote the website and raise awareness about the EnergyBag® program, social media marketing and influencer marketing could be used.


Initial Goal and Design
We started this project with a content model, or as I like to call it, "colored boxes." Our goal was to divide pages to enable users to quickly and efficiently learn about the initiative Hefty™ is taking with their EnergyBag® program.

Wireframing and Design
We used our content model as a basis and designed wireframes. We created a homepage with three bite-sized information sections that act as navigation to the other pages for more in-depth knowledge.
We also designed interactive modules for desktop and mobile experiences to meet our initial goal of conveying information in a simpler form. We added various iconography to achieve our goal further.
UI Design
We kept the UI as minimal as possible with an emphasis on the copy/text. Fewer design elements don't always result in a boring website; if done effectively, the result is actually the opposite. Fewer design elements with vibrant colors and iconography made this site fun to look at and easy to consume.
Final Product
Our final product, which accomplished our initial goal, consists of three pages. First is the homepage, as mentioned earlier, with an overview of the program. The second is about hard-to-recycle plastic, which elaborates on the idea of what hard-to-recycle plastic is and how to distinguish it accurately. The third element was an EnergyBag® page that gave more in-depth information about the program with a FAQ section with even more detailed information.
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