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Headline image of Indian Motorcycle - Image feature a gentlemen posing next to an Indian Motorcycle.

Project - UX / UI

Indian Motorcycle Ecommerce re-imagined



User Experience
User Interface

We had the opportunity to collaborate with Polaris to develop ideas to improve the user experience and UI design of their e-commerce site. Our goal was to design a webpage that elevated their current brand to feel more premium and luxurious and provide an experience that increases shopper's confidence in their buying decisions, ultimately driving sales across multiple e-commerce sites.

Initial Goal

We started this project with the goal of providing a strong direction for content development and UX design, branded and backed by research and testing to improve site performance and usability.

Understanding the User

To drive product sales, we first had to understand the audience and their buying behavior. We classified this behavior into three models:

Filter First = provide various options to help users find exactly what they want

Quick Scan = enable users to immerse themselves in the products, building a deeper and more organic connection with them

Confidence Builder = provides a way to compare various items to help users build confidence toward the product and their buying decision

Research and More Research

Then, we built various layouts that matched the three different buyer behaviors. Once we had all our components, we created a user flow for all layouts and performed usability and heat map testing.

Indian motorcycle initial layout - Filter first layout
Indian motorcycle initial layout - confidence builder layout
Indian motorcycle initial layout - Quick Scan  layout
Full height image of Indian motorcycle E-commerce Webpage.
Indian motorcycle homepage ui - features initial landing hero section.
Indian motorcycle homepage ui - features various trending jackets along with user generated social images.
Indian motorcycle Product list  ui
Indian motorcycle detail Product Ui - Feature a motorcycle helmet
Indian motorcycle detail Product Ui - Feature a leather jacket

Next Phase

One of the most significant learnings from our research was that there is much higher engagement and a lower bounce rate on products that feature lifestyle images. We also learned that users tend to support user-generated content within the e-commerce experience; based on those learnings, we combined and modified our models. We placed a greater emphasis on natural brand color, graphic elements that reflect Indian and Polaris heritage, lifestyle images, and user-generated images while redesigning the website.


The redesigned website launched successfully in April 2020 with promising results. We are thrilled to have an e-commerce experience that provides both the premium brand feel and frictionless user experience.


View the live site at www.indianmotorcycle.com