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Solving "Unsolvable" is a website designed for Dan Denno to showcase his AI capabilities. Over a few weeks, I worked directly with Dan to craft this website and bring it to life. We focused on eight different capabilities and showcased them on a homepage in a minimal and interactive format.

Site Map

One of the site's goals was to make it so that the user could get anywhere in the site from every page. To do that, I started with a site map that looked simple because I believe if your sitemap is clean and easy to understand, it will make the web experience exponentially better.


I then used the site map and content model as the basis and created various wireframes to finalize the visual content and its locations.

More Wires

We were trying to create a site that looked different and unique from any other. To achieve that in a short period, I started implementing UI elements within the wireframes as the wires' fidelity increased

Website site map
High fidelity Website wireframes
High fidelity Website wireframes
Brand Guidelines for the website visual design.
Brand Guidelines for the website visual design. Focuses more on the indivisual components.
Full Height image of the Website home-page.
Website landing hero section UI
a uniques layout that showcase the AI capabilities info.
Staggering Grid like UI design
Ui showcasing the minimalistic form layout.
Layout Showcasing unique slide component that is use a nav to different page.


Once we finalized the wireframes and the look, it was time to give it some color (in this case, mostly black). I first created web and brand guidelines that we used to achieve a cohesive design throughout our site.

It's Coffee Time

Upon finalizing the design, it was time to bring it to life. Many cups of coffee and a bit of HTML, CSS, and JS later, I successfully gave this site life. During development, I added many micro-interactions and animations to accentuate our initial goal of making all web pages cohesive and connected.


View the live site at www.denno.io