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CLAMOR is a strategic marketing and experiential agency based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In early 2020, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the people at Clamorexp to reimagine their existing website and build it from the ground up. The complete roadmap from the initial content model to the full live site is showcased below.

From the Start

Let's start from the beginning. We started this project with two very clear goals in mind.

1: Showcase Clamor's vibrant work in a simple and straightforward format that can be easily scaled up as the number of projects increase.

2: Provide information regarding who and what enables Clamor to produce their incredible work.

Combination of Colored Boxes

The content model, or as I like to call it, "colored boxes," was my initial process to kick off this project. During this process, I architected the entire site into sections and combined them into webpages. I then took those pages and arranged them hierarchically to meet our initial goals.


I used the content model as the basis and created various wireframes to finalize the visual content and its locations.

Content model of  Clamor project
Content model of  Clamor project
Wireframes  of  Clamor project
wireframes of  Clamor project
Wireframes  of  Clamor project
A full height image of Clamor 's Homepage.
Clamor's homepage UI
Clamor's individual work page UI
Clamor's individual work page UI
Clamor's individual work page UI that contains more details about the work.
A section of Clamor's about us page. Images showcase a younger images of people who are working at Clamors.

UI Design

Once we finalized the wireframes, it was time to give it some color. First, I created web guidelines that we used to achieve a cohesive design throughout our site. I worked closely with the talented designers at Clamors to design a fun and unique visual identity for the site.


Upon finalizing the design, it was time to bring it to life. Many cups of coffee and a bit of HTML, CSS, and JS later, the site was successfully launched.

During development, I added many micro-interactions and adaptive cursors. The idea was to provide a fun web experience, while ensuring its accessibility by providing users with information on precisely what’s happening as they interact with various web components.


View the live site at www.clamorexp.com